About Us

Who We Are

i2o Therapeutics is a private biotech company initially founded on a novel oral biologics delivery platform developed at Harvard University in Dr. Samir Mitragotri’s lab. The company has since developed and acquired multiple proprietary peptides in the cardio-metabolic space along with an implantable delivery technology.

While both of our delivery technology platforms possess broad therapeutic potential, our focus lies on advancing our proprietary medicines and innovative delivery platforms, specifically concentrating on our peptides and GLP-1-based combination peptides designed for addressing type 2 diabetes, obesity, and related conditions.

i2o’s oral and implantable delivery platforms are designed to cater to distinct and sizable patient populations with varying preferences and unmet medical needs. Our lead programs involve the application of our delivery technologies to our in-house peptides, which encompass long-acting GLP-1 receptor agonists and a long-acting Amylin. Additionally, we have long-acting PYY and long-acting glucagon assets. A series of recent clinical studies have demonstrated the tremendous potential when combining these types of peptides across major therapeutic areas, including diabetes, obesity, and NASH.

i2o’s novel drugs and delivery technologies hold the promise not only to address significant metabolic indications but to accomplish this through all-oral regimens as well as implantable therapies. These innovations are tailored to meet the needs of patients who struggle with maintaining control and adherence via traditional oral products and injections.

As we advance our novel peptides, peptide combinations, and our two proprietary delivery technologies, our aim is to establish strategic partnerships that will redefine the patient experience and outcomes. This will be achieved through all-oral regimens and implantable medicines, significantly elevating the standard of care and establishing clinical differentiation compared to first-generation injectable regimens.